“I don’t see how any one can leave advertising and be happy.”

The optimism took me by surprise – especially that it came from a Developer (generally known for their pessimism towards the industry). After working in an agency for two years now, I have found that a lot of people spend their days complaining about how tough it is and how “we should all just go client side”. But hearing these words in the office reignited that deep part of me that believes that advertising has powerful potential for good. Hopefully it did the same for you.


“If you don’t have time to strain your tea twice, you shouldn’t start at all.”

He spoke slowly, methodically, as if his words were part of the straining process. I was sitting in a tea-tasting class in O’ways Teacafe (go there). As he spoke, I felt a lump in my throat – the kind of lump that comes with conviction. I had been living life too fast. After recently getting back from a month-long adventure overseas, I somehow hadn’t found the time to reflect, look through photos or even remember why I went in the first place. Life has a way of carrying on like that. Continue reading →